Raise Funds Fast

Why not sell stock taking up space in your warehouse to raise immediate funds? Loan Purchase can help you!

Plant machinery getting in the way?

Why not sell plant machinery taking up space in your yard to raise immediate funds? Loan Purchase can help you!

Industrial machinery not being used?

Why not sell industrial machinery taking up space in your warehouse to raise immediate funds? Loan Purchase can help you!

Large industrial utilities

Why not sell large industrial utilities taking up space to raise immediate funds? Loan Purchase can help you!

Jet Ski's lost their charm?

Why not sell Jet Ski’s taking up space to raise immediate funds? Loan Purchase can help you!

Flying no longer your thing?

Why not sell aircraft costing you storage to raise immediate funds? Loan Purchase can help you!

Don't have time for camping?

Why not sell camper vans taking up space to raise immediate funds? Loan Purchase can help you!

Need funding to support your business? Loan Purchase buy business assets giving the seller the option to buy them back later

Detail your goods

Send Loan Purchase an initial enquiry detailing the business property, assets or stock offered for sale and their location.

We make an offer

After we have assessed your goods we will make an offer detailing the amount we will buy them for and sell them back for

Payment for item's

Loan Purchase will then collect and pay for your goods by.Cash, Cheque, or BACS to a nominated account.

Buy back assets

At the end of your selected period you have the option to repurchase the goods at the pre-agreed buy back figure.

Based in Bournemouth serving the world

Loan Purchase are able to offer new and existing customers a quick and easy sale and buy back service on their unencumbered business assets including stock, plant, machinery, vehicles, and other property.

Traditional loans secured against business stock, assets or personal possessions are often slow to agree and difficult to obtain at fair rates.

If you or your business owns any property of value there is now a genuine alternative to asset backed lending. Loan Purchase will actually purchase and buy this property outright, with cleared funds. You are also given a guaranteed buy back option. The guaranteed buy back option will detail how long you have before the buy-back offer expires and the cost you can buy your goods back for.

If the buy-back option isn’t exercised within this period we simply sell the property, whether it is stock or other assets.

We buy plant machinery, tools, aircraft, boats, business stock, commercial vehicles, cars or anything else of value. Our scheme allows us to purchase items however big or small and we purchase the goods from you at an agreed amount with cleared funds, and give you an option to buy the goods back from us over an agreed period of time for a pre-agreed amount. Loan purchase periods range from 14 days to 12 months, subject to type of item purchased and its value.

We charge realistic and competitive fees for this service and can act quickly. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, poor cash flow, working capital shortages or need to pay a creditor quickly then in the short term we can be a great solution. By buying the goods we take charge of the goods and keep them safely in our storage premises nationwide for the duration of your buy back option period.

Whether it is a boat, plane, car, 1000 pallets of retail stock or a consignment of fridge freezers, whatever you offer new, second hand or refurbished, if it has value we can guarantee a sale and buy back agreement!

Have you ever looked at your assets at your business or home and wondered how much collateral is tied up in them? Do you need a way to raise funds fast without the rigmarole of credit checks? Did you realise you can release collateral on the value of your unencumbered assets?

With the current state of the economic climate, many people are looking at ways of raising much needed money, whether it’s to pay VAT or tax bills, pay the staff wage bill, or raise working capital while waiting for that all important cheque from a client to clear. You may not have thought about getting collateral release on your assets before. But if you urgently need to raise some capital and you have items of value at your home or business, then help is at hand from Loan Purchase.

So if you need cleared funds against your unencumbered assets, why not raise the capital by selling that property with the option to buy-back it back later? Loan Purchase can help you with a collateral release on your assets and offer you a solution to your problem. We can help to turn your business or personally owned property and goods into collateral and raise some much needed cash fast.

Here are just a few examples of what you can loan purchase against

  • Plant & Machinery for example a Caterpillar Dozer, 360 Excavator, Diggers etc
  • Small Tools, from mixers to generators to large power tools, pumps and others
  • Stock, for example pallet quantities of electrical goods, toys and much more
  • Commercial Vehicles, -, Artic Lorries, Cranes, Car Transporters
  • Aircraft – Jets, Planes, Helicopters and Gliders
  • Sea craft – Ships, Boats, Yachts, Fishing Boats
  • Cars, Motorbikes, Quads, Scooters and others

Our debtors were late paying, and the VAT bill was due. We needed some capital fast due to the poor cash flow. Loan Purchase bought a significant amount of our stock by cleared funds, and 6 weeks later we were able to buy it all back. The whole process was fair and simple with all the buy-back details agreed upfront! I can’t thank the team enough!

Customer from Salisbury